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Hire a fencing contractor you can trust in Greenville, SC

Has your fence experienced some wear and tear? Are you unsure if you need a fence repair or a fence replacement? The fencing professionals at Upstate Fence Company LLC are here to help!

With time, all fence types will eventually deteriorate. Typically, a full fence replacement is necessary every 15-20 years depending on the fence type. If you are unsure your fence's state, we can have our fencing contractor visit your Greenville, SC property to determine which fencing service is right for you.

Upstate Fence Company LLC has your fencing service covered

Not only do we carry a many fence types in Greenville, SC, but at Upstate Fence Company LLC we can also fix both residential and commercial fencing. We offer fence repair service for a variety of fence types, including:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Chain-link

We have been serving South Carolina for over 35 years. We are happy to help you with all your fencing needs!

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